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    Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Santiago de Chile, 2011

    Project develop in the subject "Lota Continues" by Professor Rodrigo Perez de Arce, at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, with the exchange program PROMOE.

    The workshop attempts to resolve a question by the National Monuments Commission. What can we do with the ruins of the coal shipment ENACAR (national coal company) and the GREEN brick factorywork of Lota, the second city with the highest unemployment rate in Chile?

    The project proposes to recover the production logic of the site through three strategies:

    LITERAL PRODUCTIVE LOGIC (Lota Green area, permanent)
    Creating a campus of practice for the CFT Lota Arauco, with a renovated building in the mechanical factory remains.

    The campus features a greenhouse and a garden centre for production and sale, in addition to a native productive forest, which will eliminate the high risk of landslides on the slopes of the place. The people from the campus are responsible for the management of vegetation around the place.

    Recovering the productive logic from the coal loading area, the project takes advantage of the presence of water to recreate, not literally, the coal route with water, until the sea.

    The coal classificator, the building in better shape in the set.

    Inside it, an sculpture museum is created, taking advantage of the cenital light.

    Tunnels and underground where coal circulated are flooded, to understand the circuit before shipment and also prevents access to these dangerous areas.

    Finally, the water is returned to the sea through a channel in the dock.

    PRODUCTIVE CULTURAL LOGIC (Lota Green area and slag cake, temporal)
    Creating the Lota's Hands Music and Film Festival, with two stages.

    The main one, at west. The secondary one, nex to to the campus building.

    All is complemented by two parking lots, a camping area, a toilet and a sports field that can be used all year round.

    Project plans: